My identity statement

I am a dearly loved child of God, equipped for His purpose, strong and courageous in Christ, sustained by faith, and focused on God.

I am an imperfect woman of faith, slowly stepping out into the writing world. I am sharing my thoughts and experiences as I grow in Christ, something I believe continues as long as we keep seeking Him.

Aside from writing, I work fulltime, have four children (one left at home) and six grandchildren. I also take care of an aging mom and sister with Down Syndrome. This is a challenge that I don’t want to turn into a job. I want to approach it as the honor it is. But it’s really hard sometimes and I simply cannot do it on my own. No matter how much human support I have (my brother and a wonderful husband, who is “all in”), I really need God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power, courage, love and self-discipline to live out this season of my life.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Beautiful testimony in an ‘about’ section😇 May the Lord fill you greatly with His strength to go about your responsibilities! God bless you! 🙂🥰

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